The “Transforma Programs” are a Corfo instrument that look for contributing to the improvement of the competitiveness of companies in an enabling sector and/or platform, in areas where there is a potential for generating value or growth, creating a better environment for the rise of productivity, innovation and ventures.


To promote the development of the mountain territory of Santiago as an international, competitive, diversified and premium tourist destination by enhancing the value of the territory and developing a varied, accessible and quality tourist offer that works throughout the year to capture the growing local, national and foreign demand for mountain tourism and all the activities associated with it. The conquest of this objective is achieved by raising a multi-focus diagnosis in the territory that will make possible to know the gaps and needs so that, from that, a roadmap with actions in the short, medium and long term (10 years) can be created.


“Santiago, the mountain capital, will be recognized in 2030 as a consolidated, valued mountain tourism destination and a symbol of pride and identity for Chile, which will motivate the arrival of local, national and international tourists throughout the year. It will stand out for its infrastructure, human capital and an integrated, diverse, inclusive, sustainable, digitalized, safe and quality offer, which will allow it to positively impact the quality of life of its inhabitants and increase the generation of jobs in mountain tourism in the metropolitan region. This achievement will be part of a joint effort between the public, private, civil and academic sectors.”

Technical Staff

Martín Le Bert G.
Director and Innovation and Business PER Santiago, Mountain Tourism

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