Current stage: Roadmap Design

Territorial Scope

The territory comprising the communes of Lo Barnechea, San José de Maipo and part of the communes of Las Condes, La Reina, Peñalolén and La Florida. This territory presents differentiated development focuses due to its administrative limits. Thus, Lo Barnechea has concentrated its effect on the existing ski resorts in the area. San José de Maipo has exploited adventure tourism activities. The rest of the territory grouped in Parques Cordillera has concentrated its development on trekking and hiking, among others.

Justification for the initiative

Two tourist vocations have been identified in the Region. The first is associated with wine tourism, recognising Santiago as a competitive advantage as the only capital of the “new world of wine” that has an associated wine valley, and the second is related to the mountains, identifying various gaps to position it as a tourist icon of the Region.

It has been determined that it is essential to work on various aspects that allow the diversification of the tourist offer, the standardisation of services, the quality of human resources and the protection and enhancement of the Region’s mountain territory.


Executive Committee Sessions

The Executive Committee Sessions is the instance that is in charge of giving strategic orientations for developing the programme, reviewing and approving initiatives, and proposing or agreeing on actions or corrective measures to achieve the proposed objectives.

Meetings every 15 days – Duration 1:30hrs.

Development of session minutes and recording of the videoconference.

Dates held:

  • Committee N°1: 13/01/20
  • Committee N°2: 27/01/20
  • Committee N°3: 24/03/20
  • Committee Nº4: 7/4/20
  • Committee Nº5: 21/04/20
  • Committee Nº6: 5/05/20
  • Committee Nº7: 19/05/20
  • Committee Nº8: 02/06/20
  • Committee Nº9: 16/06/20
  • Committee Nº10: 30/06/20
  • Committee Nº11: 14/07/20
  • Committee Nº12: 04/08/20
  • Committee Nº13: 01/09/20
  • Committee Nº14: 15/09/20
  • Committee Nº15: 06/10/20
  • Committee Nº16: 04/11/20
  • Committee Nº17: 09/12/20
  • Committee Nº18: 29/12/20
  • Committee Nº19: 26/01/21
  • Committee Nº20: 09/03/21
  • Committee Nº21: 23/03/21
  • Committee Nº22: 06/04/21
  • Committee Nº23: 20/04/21
  • Committee Nº24: 11/05/21
  • Committee Nº25: 18/05/21
  • Committee Nº26: 01/06/21
  • Committee Nº27: 15/06/21
  • Committee Nº28: 29/06/21
  • Committee Nº29: 13/07/21
  • Committee Nº30: 27/07/21
  • Committee extraordinario: 30/07/2021
  • Committee Nº31: 10/08/21
  • Committee Nº32: 24/08/21
Governing Board Sessions

The Steering Committee Sessions are a consultative advisory body for designing and developing the actions that make up the Road Map. Twenty-three institutions will be convened, consisting of representative actors from the public and private sectors, academia and civil society.

Meetings every three months approx. – Duration 2:00hrs.

Development of session minutes and recording of the videoconference.


Dates held:

Session Nº1 Friday 29 May 2020 16:00hrs.

Session Nº2 Friday 04 August 2020 15:30hrs.

CORFO’s Connecting and Learning Week:

From 20 to 24 July, the ” Week of connection and learnings: Collaboration and networking in times of coronavirus” will take place, which will bring together prominent speakers and the participation of companies and professionals in governmental, productive and academic areas in the country level.

In the following link, you can find the development of daily activities:

Participatory workshops

Four participatory workshops were held for approximately 90 people through the MIRO platform, a virtual board for working on ideas and concepts.

  • June 17th
  • June 18th
  • June 19th
  • July 7th