Executive Committee:

This is the body in charge of giving strategic orientations for the development of the program, review and approval of initiatives, as well as proposing and/or making agreements on actions or corrective measures for the achievement of the proposed objectives.

Alvaro Undurraga


Consuelo Marquadt

María S. Zaccarelli

Cristobal Forttes

Alejandra Bravo

Sebastian Seisdedos

Michael Leatherbee

Cristian Nuñez

Deborah Raby

Cristian Villarroel

Gonzalo Fuentes

Board of Directors:

It is an advisory body of a consultative nature for the design and development of the actions that make up the roadmap, as appropriate to the established institutional functions. It is made up of representative actors of the sector/territory and belonging to the public and private sectors, academic and civil society. Each member is expected to play an active role in order to support the program. The Board of Directors is a dynamic instance, where other actors may be invited to be part of it as advisors as defined by the Executive Committee or Technical Team.


Human capital

Digital Transformation

Quality, diversified and sustainable tourist offer

Promotion and dissemination


It is in charge of executing the program, managing the resources and implementing all the actions necessary to fulfill the activities and objectives.

Participates in the Executive Committees, having as representatives the General Manager and the Project Manager of the Executing Entity, having the right to speak.

The Regional Corporation for Territorial Development and Tourism of Santiago has been awarded the execution of the project for 3 years (2020 to 2023). The Regional Corporation is a non-profit private law entity, constituted by a public-private directory that is chaired by the Metropolitan Regional Governor and whose objective is to ensure the integral development of the regional territory.